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Visa support

To enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons are required to have visa unless otherwise is specified in an international agreement, one side of which is the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan visa is pasted in the passport or other acceptable to RK identity document. It gives the right to enter and stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan, exit or transit crossing the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The basis for the issuance of visas to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the extension of their actions are duly issued letters of invitation from the host. 

Visatypesand categories:



Visatypesand categories

Visatype: nonimmigrational

Visatype:  immigrational

Diplomatic: «А1», «А2», «А3»

For permanent residence: «J1», «J2», «J3»

Official: «В1», «В2», «В3»

Family reunification «K1», «K2», «K3»

Investor: «С1», «С2»

Educational: «L1», «L3»

Business: «D1» «D2», «D3», «D4», «D5», «D6», «D7», «D8».

For exercise of profession: «M1», «M2», «M3», «M4», «M5»

Missionary: «E1», «E2», «E3»

For humanitarian reasons: «N1», «N2»

Travel: «F1»


Private: «G1», «G2», «G3», «G4»


Transit: «H1»


List of documents for visa support

The host organization for visa support MFA of foreign nationals who are sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan, shall submit a letter of invitation in triplicate according to the sample to the Department of Consular Service of the MFA.

The company appealed to the DCS of the MFA for the first time in the current year shall submit a copy of the certificate of registration with the Ministry of Justice of RK notarized in the current year, the Charter and the original certificate of absence of tax arrears.

Note: According to the rules for issuing visas in Kazakhstan, "official" visa category does not entitles foreign citizen to perform work in the territory of Kazakhstan. This category of visa is issued to foreigners traveling to Kazakhstan only for the purpose of negotiation, contracting, participation in conferences, exhibitions, cultural, scientific and other events, and has restrictions on the duration of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan (for example, having multiple-year visa a foreign citizen is allowed to stay in the country not more than 180 days in a year). 

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